I like drawing pictures.Recently I’m into drawing tail feathers of fantail brothers.



But,their tail feathers are very complicated & artistic.
So It is difficult to draw. But I will never give up!!!

I’m drawing using these blogs as reference.

There are a lot of  beautiful pictures of fantail.


***Official blog of Kakekawa Kachoen*** http://kamoltd.blog110.fc2.com/blog-entry-257.html http://kamoltd.blog110.fc2.com/blog-entry-559.html http://kamoltd.blog110.fc2.com/blog-entry-319.html


***Official blog of kobe Kachoen***

[In this blog,Inside of some birds,グリコ(Guriko) is actors  who played  Yuuya & ユウ(Yuu) is actors who played Sakuya.] http://kobekachoen.blog40.fc2.com/blog-entry-823.html http://kobekachoen2.blog135.fc2.com/blog-entry-674.html http://kobekachoen2.blog135.fc2.com/blog-entry-506.html http://kobekachoen.blog40.fc2.com/blog-entry-225.html

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I’m happy just to looking at these beautiful photos. I think Fantail pigeon is sexy & luxury & cutest & the most fantastic bird. I cannot draw fantail  yet so well . And yet,I really love fantail pigeon!(*^▽^*)         6tume


You’re never lonely on Legumentines with these birdie doves to keep you company!


u c an literally trace almost every awful and unfortunate thing that happens in hatoful boyfriend back to t he fact that isa was fucking gay for ryuuji Try it im right

Costumes Nageki



I made some costumes for Nageki!


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Estelle campanella is sooo cute!


it’s one thing to pirate stuff from a shitty big name artist so you won’t support their bullshit (ie racists like katy perry), or an artist who says it’s okay and even encourages it (ie chumbawamba and many indie acts), but pirating something inexpensive that an artist worked super hard on is is really shitty, especially when they literally did all of the work by themselves.

yeah, go ahead and pirate the creations of racist people, of sexists and transmisogynists and homophobes. i’m cool with that. you shouldn’t support those people, but moa is none of those things.

let’s talk about how progressive hatoful boyfriend is for a second:

  • hiyoko is the most well-developed female protagonist in a game i’ve ever played in my entire life. she’s literally perfect.
  • despite the fact that a main character crossdresses about 25% of the time, there are no transmisogynist jokes about it.
  • did you hear that?
  • moa made a game where dudes wear dresses
  • and didn’t feel the need to make horrible jokes at the expense of transgender women
  • that in and of itself deserves a reward because literally every other piece of media does that, even if there aren’t crossdressing people
  • moa did all of this basically alone. the main routes alone probably take 3 hours to complete when playing through, and if you do bbl it’d take like 6 (unless you rush through it and skip text of course!)
  • it’s one of the few dating sims that doesn’t conflate love with sex
  • moa managed to make an otome game that passes the bechdel test. billion-dollar movies starring women cannot do this. moa did it in an otome game, where there are usually not even two girl characters.
  • there’s romance-motivated violence, but it’s not sexualized, used as a plot device, or deemed acceptable based on the behavior of the victim. that’s another thing big-budget movies can’t seem to manage to get right.

in conclusion: hatoful boyfriend is an awesome game. when you buy it, you’re supporting a form of media that’s incredibly queer- and woman-positive. it’s what got me back into gaming, because every other game alienates me as a queer person and someone who’s dfab: because it posits me as gross and less worthy of respect through jokes and subtle slights to people like me. hatoful doesn’t do that, and it’s incredibly refreshing! that’s why i like it so much.

i mean yeah, the story is amazing and the characters are ridiculously well-developed, but the important thing is i feel safe playing it and that is incredibly hard to achieve when you’re a mentally ill dfab pansexual trans person who’s a survivor of sexual assault.

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Perfect library bird.